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See how we work with you to develop a plan designed to reach your goals, guide you through the investment process and review your progress over time. Not every relationship is the same and your plan may evolve as your life changes. Our process guides the relationship to make sure your goals are always top of mind.
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1. Our First Meeting

This is our opportunity to get to know each other. During our initial meeting, we will have a conversation about your financial situation (your life, career, and family), the goals you want to accomplish and the experience you’ve had in the past. Our goal is to understand your priorities and financial needs. We’ll also share our background and discuss what it means to work with a Certified Financial Planner®.
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2. Gain Clarity

Usually at our first meeting, we will share our Envision planning process. We will ask you to share financial documents, like statements for savings, retirement, etc, and information about your debt. We’ll use this to analyze and gain clarity on your current financial situation.
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3. Make a Plan

We will utilize our Envision® planning tool to make a plan to achieve your goals. We’ll meet to go over this together and make sure the priorities in the plan match your priorities. The plan guides our recommendation for your asset allocation, or percentage of stocks, bonds, and cash.
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4. Take Action

We’ll work with you to put a customized investment plan in place that is in line with your investment objectives and works in line with your plan.
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5. Work Together

Once your plan is in motion, you’ll be able to focus on where you’re headed and feel confident about the future knowing your financial life is in order. Our team will review, evaluate and adapt your plan, when necessary, to keep it in sync with your changing life. Through regular scheduled contact, we’ll review your plan and portfolio to make sure you stay on track.